The Asia Pacific level REDD+ Regional Workshop was organized by ANSAB from August 5 to 7, 2019 in Kathmandu as part of the FCPF-Capacity Building on REDD+ for Civil Society Organizations and Local Communities in East Pacific and the Pacific Region Project. The objective of the workshop was to i) exchange first-hand learning and sharing of experiences from the civil society organizations implementing the REDD+ capacity building sub-projects in Fiji and Vietnam, ii) share and discuss the broader experience from country/regional level capacity building of CSOs and LCs on REDD+; and agree on: the key lessons learned, best practices and next steps in building capacity of the civil society and local communities in the region. Over 40 individuals representing the government and civil society organizations from eleven FCPF Asia Pacific countries, international and regional level organizations, and the current and past FCPF CSO observers in the region participated the workshop.