SRD Vietnam

Empowering CSOs and LCs to effectively participate in the implementation of Vietnam’s Emission Reduction Programme (ER-P)

Executing Agency: Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD)

The sub-project aims to empower CSOs and LCs so that they will be able to effectively participate in the implementation of Vietnam’s ER-P. The capacity building activities implemented by the sub-project has benefitted communities in the North Central Coast (NCC) region of the country and CSOs which are members of the VNGO-FLEGT and REDD+ networks in the six NCC provinces by setting up a new Forest Conversion Independent Monitoring (FCIM) framework and network in advance of implementation, scheduled for 2019-2024 in the Vietnam ERPD. This project has also demonstrated that CSOs and LCs, equipped with the right skills and tools could be efficient and helpful to assist the government in forest change monitoring and control.

Accomplished activities by this project are: (i) a 3-day training of trainers for 31 CSO representatives on ERPD, the potential roles that CSOs can play, and the preconditions required for them to bridge the capacity gaps in order to fulfill their roles. These trainers subsequently capacitated 299 LC beneficiaries in 6 NCC provinces on ERPD; (ii) one national and 8 provincial dialogues with REDD+ decision makers on Forest Conversion Independent Monitoring (FCIM) to mobilize CSOs to benefit from genuine consultation on ER-P implementation; (iii) development of a FCIM framework and establishing an independent monitoring network to deliver on forest conversion priorities in the ERPD; and (iv) documentation and dissemination of knowledge, experiences and lessons learnt.

A FCIM framework has been developed (both in English and Vietamese languages) within the framework of the ERP in the six NCC provinces of Vietnam in participation of national level key stakeholders including CSOs and LCs from national and 6 NCC provinces, research institutions and international NGOs. Through review of the existing forest change monitoring tools, Terra-I technology that tracks satellite images every 16 days to identify change in forest was selected. A training manual on Terra-I was developed, and two training workshops on Terra-I for 79 participants were organized. As a result, the participants developed knowledge and skills necessary to monitor forest changes, report on forest changes, and update the data on forest management information system. In the process, 2 site validations were undertaken and 2 communes maps were produced. Forest change monitoring system was strengthened at the organizational level through provision of 15 GPSs. For the documentation and dissemination of knowledge, experiences and lessons learnt, SRD prepared and disseminated 2700 leaflets about FCIM and Terra-I, 500 copies of Terra-I manual, and a documentary on community based forest management. The documentary was also broadcasted through a local television station.

The total direct beneficiaries of the sub-project are 485, of which about 192 (39.6%) are women. About 1,700 people are indirect beneficiaries, of which about 42% are women.

The total budget contribution from the project for this sub-project was US $114,963.




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