Complaints Processing & Resolution

Civil society organizations, local community organizations and other interested stakeholders may raise some feedback or complaints on the consultancies’ award decisions, governance of the project and other issues specific to the project.

Feedbacks or complaints must be sent to the Secretariat in writing duly signed by the complainant/s, including contact details through email ( or postal address [Secretariat, Asia-Pacific FCPF Capacity Building Project on REDD+ , ANSAB, P.O. Box 11035, Kathmandu, Nepal]. Contact details is also available in the “Contact Us” page of this subdomain.

The Secretariat will be fully responsible for recording, referring and tracking the complaint. It should acknowledge receipt of complaint within 5 working days upon receipt.

The Secretariat will undertake an initial discussion with the complainant and propose a response within 15 working days upon receipt of the complaint. If the complainant agrees, the proposed action is implemented.

In case the complainant does not agree on the proposed action of the Secretariat, the Secretariat will compose a Grievance Committee composed of two (2) representatives of the Management Committee of ANSAB and two (2) members of the RAC.

When applicable, one of the members of the RAC to sit in the Grievance Committee shall be from the same country where the feedback/complaint originated.