Asia-Pacific FCPF Capacity Building on REDD+ Project Regional Sharing Workshop

ANSAB and Tebtebba jointly organized the regional sharing workshop from February 12 to 14, 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand. The workshop brought together 65 representatives from the 10 FCPF countries which included representatives from the IPOs and CSOs that implemented the sub-projects, REDD+ focal points from ERP countries, CSO/IP FCPF observers in the region, members of the regional steering committee (RSC) for IPs, regional advisory committee (RAC) for CSOs/LCs, regional organizations working on REDD+ and the World Bank (WB). The workshop stimulated a constructive dialogue among the IPLCs in the region to share first-hand experiences and best practices, identifying gaps and challenges, drawing lessons learnt from REDD+ and ERP related projects of their country and community, and in end, identifying the ways forward. 

The regional workshops provided CSOs and LCs with the opportunity to network with, learn from and access the knowledge of other stakeholders implementing similar work. Face-to-face opportunity in the workshops facilitated the exchange of ideas, project challenges, and strategies for engaging with the REDD+ agenda and process. The regional sharing workshop provided opportunities to the participants, incl. from the non-ERP countries to learn from experience from the ERP countries for effective participation of IPLCs in REDD+ process and benefitting from ERP. CSOs and LCs were able to contribute beyond their small communities and partake in a wider network of practitioners, thereby thinking beyond and also becoming a part of global community of practitioners. Regional learning events fostered a wider community of practitioners who were empowered to share sub-project successes, and who were inspired to look at potential opportunities going forward, based on the lessons shared by other practitioners.