Regional dialogue for forest-dependent indigenous peoples (IPs), other forest dwellers and southern civil society organizations (CSOs) in Asia-Pacific

FCPF, Tebtebba and ANSAB organized a regional dialogue for forest-dependent indigenous peoples (IPs), other forest dwellers and southern civil society organizations (CSOs) in Asia-Pacific in Bangkok, Thailand from September 16-20, 2019. A total of 63 representatives, 32 males and 31 females, of indigenous people organizations and networks, CSOs, women’s organizations and governments from the FCPF countries, and the World Bank participated in the regional dialogue, and discussed on the lessons learned and best practices from the implementation of the capacity building program and the future needs.

The regional dialogue was structured around regional summaries prepared by ANSAB and Tebtebba of their respective sub-projects on REDD+ capacity building in the Asia Pacific region, including summaries of gender activities implemented to-date. During the dialogue, the participants a) shared the results and lessons learned from the grassroot in building the capacity of forest-dependent IPs, other forest dwellers and southern CSOs engaged in REDD+ strategies and programs; (b) discussed challenges faced in mainstreaming gender based on lessons learned from gender specific activities implemented, with the agreement on key reasons for the low participation of women in REDD+ related decision making and needed actions; and (c) agreed on a set of recommendations on further REDD+-related capacity needs support.

The regional dialogue included the “regional workshop on increasing women’s capacities and roles in REDD+ related programs and processes in the Asia Pacific region” – a 2-day discussion on gender-related gaps and actions on September 16-17, 2019, and the “regional dialogue for forest-dependent indigenous peoples, other forest dwellers and southern CSOs in the Asia-Pacific region” – a 3-day discussion on lessons learned, gaps and recommendations on future actions on September 18-20, 2019.


245 thoughts on “Regional dialogue for forest-dependent indigenous peoples (IPs), other forest dwellers and southern civil society organizations (CSOs) in Asia-Pacific

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