Request for IT Consultancy Service

ANSAB has currently been implementing FCPF Capacity Building on REDD+ for Civil Society Organizations and Local Communities ‎in East Asia region, for which the organization is seeking a well qualified and experienced candidate to work as an IT Consultant (Part time).

The IT Consultant will be responsible for the development and maintenance of website and providing overall IT related services for the project. In particular, he/she shall:
• Develop a website of the project and work closely with the project team for the design of the webpage
• Maintain the website with relevant information in close collaboration with the project team
• Provide other IT support as needed

Required Qualifications and Competencies
• Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, Computer Application or related field
• Excellent IT, communication, leadership and management skills
• Proven track record of maintaining IT structural integrity

Qualified candidates meeting the above requirements may apply by sending an application including a recent CV by August 31, 2017 by e-mail to

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