Project Launch Mission

The World Bank conducted a launch mission of the project in Kathmandu on August 2-5, 2017. The mission was led remotely by Haddy Jatou Sey (Senior Social Development Specialist and TTL) and comprised Yogesh Bom Malla (Financial Management Specialist), Chandra Kishor Mishra (Procurement Specialist), and Ayala Peled Ben Ari (Operations Consultant).

The mission focused on work sessions with ANSAB’s operational and fiduciary staff. On August 2, 2017, staff from ANSAB participated in a procurement, financial management and disbursement training at the World Bank Kathmandu office. ANSAB’s fiduciary staff were provided with an overview of relevant procurement procedures, procurement arrangements, Bank’s review and implementation support requirements, record management and procurement best practices. The Bank provided financial management and disbursement training to ANSAB’s administrative staff, including on financial reporting, external auditing, record keeping and procedures for use of Client Connection to submit withdrawal applications electronically.

 On August 3, the Operations Consultant met with the ANSAB management and introduced the mission program. On August 3 and 4, the Operations Consultant worked closely with ANSAB staffs at ANSAB office and finalized the project work plan and ‎budget with the development of supporting documents for capacity building consultancies, preparation of a 6-months ‎action plan and procurement plan, and the provision of any other needed operational support and guidance, ‎including on M&E implementation, grievance redress and safeguards as directed in the respective ‎project paper and grant agreement.

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