PanNature Vietnam

Capacity building for local communities and CSOs in monitoring the benefit sharing mechanism of the Emission Reductions Program in the North Central Region of Vietnam

Executing Agency: Centre for People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature)

The main objective of this sub-project is to enable and empower local communities and CSOs to make best use of BSP and relevant instruments designed in the ER Program to protect their benefits and contribute to REDD+ goals. The specific objectives of the sub-project are as follows:

  • Local communities at two project sites informed about BSP and empowered to use designed tools to secure their carbon and non-carbon benefits;
  • Participating CSOs capable of monitoring the BSP, providing support to local communities, and recommending actions and changes to improve BSP;
  • Communities and stakeholders in other sites within ER Program shared and learned about effective ways to have fair share of benefits.