In order to achieve the Project Development Objectives (PDO) and Intermediate Results (IR), the project carried out activities at two levels: 1) national level capacity building activities in Nepal, Vietnam and Fiji, and 2) the regional level knowledge exchange activities covering the Asia Pacific FCPF countries. 

National level activities were carried out in the Emission Reduction Program (ERP) areas in the three countries to build capacity of the forest dependent Local Communities (LCs) and relevant Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for their effective participation in REDD+ processes to safeguard community concerns and make them better prepared to access benefits from ERP. The regional exchange activities were carried out covering the Asia Pacific region. Both national and regional exchange activities provided opportunities to LCs and CSOs to engage with other LCs and CSOs and build networks, thereby strengthening their knowledge and providing an opportunity to learn from others. These increased the preparedness and ability of LCs and CSOs to influence and provide input to REDD+ processes, and to access benefits from ERP.

ANSAB closely worked with the World Bank and the country partners, and carried out the project preparatory, management and monitoring of the project activities for the smooth implementation of the project, and to address the challenges as they came during the implementation of the project.

The project successfully reached over 4,500 individuals directly, with approximately 38% of them being women.

For the capacity building activities, the sub-projects developed training/resource materials covering the technical as well as procedural details, that were identified during training needs assessment. The training materials were developed in the local languages, and used for the trainings. Sub-projects also refined the training materials, esp. the presentation slides and notes, based on the evaluation/feedback collected during the training events, and used the refined materials in next trainings. Sub-projects closely collaborated with government and development partners for the development of training/resource materials. 

The sub-projects under Phase III are listed below:

Building capacities & enhancing ERP community awareness to strengthen REDD+ knowledge of 14 targeted CSOs and local communities ERP Sites & 2 Island minority communities implemented by Grace Trifam Ministry (GTM) in Fiji

Capacity Building of Local Communities and CSOs on REDD+ in Nepal (CBLC Nepal) implemented by Federation of Community Forestry Users Nepal (FECOFUN) in Nepal

Capacity Building for Local Communities and CSOs in Monitoring the Benefit Sharing Mechanism of the Emission Reductions Program in the North Central Region implemented by Center for People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature) in Vietnam