GTM Fiji

Building capacity for Fiji’s CSOs and LCs to actively participate in the Fiji National REDD+ Readiness Programme

Executing agency: Grace Trifam Ministry (GTM)

The sub-project will benefit 13 local communities in VitiLevu Island (Ra Province (TikinaTokaimalo), Tailevu North Province (TikinaDawasamu), Naitasiri Province (TikinaNabobuco), Namosi Province (TikinaNaqarawai) and Ba Province of Nadarivatu Region (TikinaQaliyalatina)); Maritime Islands (consisting of Lomaiviti Group (Gau Island) Mamanuca/Yasawa Group (TikinaNacula), Kadavu Island (TikinaNakasaleka) Lau Group (TikinaLakeba) and Ovalau Island (TikinaLovoni)); and Vanua Levu Island (comprising Cakaudrove Province (TikinaWailevu East including  Rabi/Kioa Islands) and  Bua Province (TikinaLekutu)). Financed activities are a pre-evaluation of CSOs and LCs’ awareness of REDD+, REDD+ awareness raising for CSOs and designated LCs, training of trainers for CSOs and LCs in the West, North and Central/Eastern Divisions, a national faith-based workshop to discuss REDD+ issues and presentation of recommendations to the National REDD+ Steering Committee, and development of a discussion paper on existing ERPD strategic issues combined with specific recommendations from the CSOs and LCs fora. The project aims to benefit 2,000 men and 2,000 women, and it will be funded by a US$75,000 contribution from the project.

GTM Proposal


GTM consulted with the relevant government agencies regarding the project. Capacity building needs assessment of the local communities was carried out regarding their understanding of REDD+ through a “talanoa session”, that involved participation of the traditional leaders of the communities. It has helped the project team to gain knowledge on the context and level of understanding of the local communities and design the training workshop session accordingly. Capacity building training workshops has been carried out in ten districts: Dawasamu, Lekutu, Wailevu, Naqaliyalatina, Tokaimalo, Naboubuco and Naqarawai in the Mainland communities, and Bureta in Ovalau, Nasau in Koro and Solotavui in Lakeba in the Maritime islands. Altogether 756 participants (male: 351 and female: 405) received trainings on the preliminary knowledge on REDD+, current ongoing REDD+ activities and policy at national level, and participation of communities in REDD+ activities.