This is to notify all the concerned Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) that the deadline for submission of “Invitation of Expression of Interest from CSOs from Fiji, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Vanuatu and Vietnam for Capacity Building at National and Local levels” has been extended till 2 October 2017.

All proposals must be received by ANSAB via email to not later than 5 pm Nepali time (+5.45 GMT), 2 October 2017 in electronic form (word and PDF format).

Applicants who have already submitted do not need to resubmit the EoI.

Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

For any questions, please write to or call us at +977-1-4497547, 4478412.

For detailed information, go to Invitation of Expression of Interest.

ANSAB has currently been implementing FCPF Capacity Building on REDD+ for Civil Society Organizations and Local Communities ‎in East Asia region, for which the organization is seeking a well qualified and experienced candidate to work as an IT Consultant (Part time).

The IT Consultant will be responsible for the development and maintenance of website and providing overall IT related services for the project. In particular, he/she shall:
• Develop a website of the project and work closely with the project team for the design of the webpage
• Maintain the website with relevant information in close collaboration with the project team
• Provide other IT support as needed

Required Qualifications and Competencies
• Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, Computer Application or related field
• Excellent IT, communication, leadership and management skills
• Proven track record of maintaining IT structural integrity

Qualified candidates meeting the above requirements may apply by sending an application including a recent CV by August 31, 2017 by e-mail to

ANSAB, as the recipient of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) Capacity Building on REDD+ for CSOs and Local Communities ‎in EAP ‎Project‎, invites civil society organizations (CSOs) from Fiji, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Vanuatu, and Vietnam to submit a proposal for possible funding through contracts. The objective of the proposal should be to strengthen the knowledge of targeted CSOs and local communities on REDD+ Readiness. Specifically, proposed capacity building activities on REDD+ should be undertaken by CSOs that will strengthen communities and effectively engage governments at local and national levels through trainings, workshops, awareness campaigns, national, provincial and local meetings etc.

Proposed activities are to be implemented in the above mentioned four countries for the benefit of local communities; and activities are to be designed by CSOs, networks or organizations of local people or are explicitly endorsed by the proposing networks/organizations. Women and youth organization are also encourgaed to apply.

The amount you can apply for should not exceed US$ 75,000 for duration of not more than 12 months inclusive of progress reports preparation and submission.

This is a competitive process and the best proposal will be selected for the funding according to the agreed criteria presented in the expression of interest. You can find the link to the invitation of expression of interest and the consultancy application form at the end of this post.

All proposals should be submitted in the prescribed application form to ANSAB at Your proposal must be received by ANSAB not later than 5 pm Nepali time (+5.45 GMT), 2 October 2017 in electronic form (word and PDF format).

For any questions, please write to or call at +977-1-4497547, 4478412.

Download Invitation of Expression of Interest

Download Consultancy Application Form


The World Bank conducted a launch mission of the project in Kathmandu on August 2-5, 2017. The mission was led remotely by Haddy Jatou Sey (Senior Social Development Specialist and TTL) and comprised Yogesh Bom Malla (Financial Management Specialist), Chandra Kishor Mishra (Procurement Specialist), and Ayala Peled Ben Ari (Operations Consultant).

The mission focused on work sessions with ANSAB’s operational and fiduciary staff. On August 2, 2017, staff from ANSAB participated in a procurement, financial management and disbursement training at the World Bank Kathmandu office. ANSAB’s fiduciary staff were provided with an overview of relevant procurement procedures, procurement arrangements, Bank’s review and implementation support requirements, record management and procurement best practices. The Bank provided financial management and disbursement training to ANSAB’s administrative staff, including on financial reporting, external auditing, record keeping and procedures for use of Client Connection to submit withdrawal applications electronically.

 On August 3, the Operations Consultant met with the ANSAB management and introduced the mission program. On August 3 and 4, the Operations Consultant worked closely with ANSAB staffs at ANSAB office and finalized the project work plan and ‎budget with the development of supporting documents for capacity building consultancies, preparation of a 6-months ‎action plan and procurement plan, and the provision of any other needed operational support and guidance, ‎including on M&E implementation, grievance redress and safeguards as directed in the respective ‎project paper and grant agreement.

A regional preparatory workshop on FCPF – Capacity Building on REDD+ for Civil Society Organizations and Local Communities in East Asia Pacific and South Asia Region was organized by the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) and ANSAB on May 30-31, 2016 in Kathmandu, Nepal. The workshop involved participation of 25 practitioners and experts from six FCPF countries eligible to received funding – Bhutan, Fiji, Pakistan, Vanuatu, Vietnam, and PNG; and the current and former Civil Society Organization (CSO) observers. During the workshop, the country representatives presented on the country-level ongoing activities on capacity building and awareness raising with the identification and prioritization of country level needs, and discussed regional workplan for capacity building activities in Asia Pacific region. The workshop finalized the selection modality, eligibility criteria of CSOs and activities for capacity building, and the terms of reference and composition of the regional advisory committee for the implementation of the FCPF capacity building activities.