Objectives and Results

The project development objective (PDO) is to strengthen: (i) the knowledge of targeted southern CSOs and LCs on REDD+ Readiness at the national level and (ii) knowledge exchange at the regional level.

Specifically, the project aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. National level capacity building activities on REDD+ undertaken by CSOs and LCs in FCPF countries in Asia-Pacific have resulted to strengthened communities and effective engagement with governments at local and national levels;
  2. Knowledge products on REDD+ have been developed and disseminated, and knowledge-sharing activities undertaken and shared with CSOs, LC, governments and other stakeholders in Asia-Pacific.

The achievement of the PDO will be measured using the following indicators:

  1. ‎‎Share of target beneficiaries with knowledge score of 3 or more on REDD+ and related issues (Target: 80%)
  2. National ‎knowledge ‎exchange products ‎disseminated in ‎appropriate ‎languages (Target: 7)
  3. Regional ‎knowledge ‎exchange products ‎disseminated (Target: 5)
  4. ‎Meetings held ‎between civil society and LC ‎representatives and ‎national REDD+ ‎decision making ‎entities (Target: 7)
  5. Direct project ‎beneficiaries, of which female (Target: 800, 40%)